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Evolution on DVD

Teaches the basic science of modern evolution theory. Includes a history of how evolution was discovered and reviews present-day controversies. Significantly updated in 2007. Would be of effective help to teachers challenged by students who hold to non-scientific "theories" like Creationism and Intelligent Design.

Part 1. How Theories of Evolution Were Developed. Exclusive Hawkhill on-site video in the Galapagos Islands and at Darwin's study in England help demonstrate the achievement of this pioneer.

Part 2. Evolution by Natural Selection. A straight-forward presentation of the theory of evolution by natural selection as it is understood by most biologists today.

In Evolution the keys to scientific literacy include:ages of earth, Age of Reptiles, amphibian, binomial nomenclature, Cenozoic, creationism, Darwin, dinosaur extinction, fossil, genus, heredity, Homo sapiens, Stephen Jay Gould, Lamarck, Linnaeus, Mesozoic, mutation, natural selection, Neanderthal, paleontology, Precambrian, punctuated equilibrium, species, theory, trilobite, vertebrate, Wallace.

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108 Evolution

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