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The Atom on DVD

example image Knowledge of the atom is basic to all of the sciences. Use this program in any science course to help students learn what an atom is and what it means in human terms today.

Part 1. How We Found Out About Atoms. Tells the dramatic story of humankind's search for the ultimate unit of matter. We begin in ancient Greece, and end with the 20th century revolution of Bohr, Einstein and Curie.

Part 2. What Is an Atom? Gives the student a clear, dramatic picture of what we know and what we don't know about atoms today.

In The Atom the keys to scientific literacy include: accelerator, alpha particle, atom, Avogadro's hypothesis, Big Bang, Niels Bohr, Brownian movement, Marie Curie, John Dalton, DNA, ecology, electrons, elements, fiber optics, fission, fusion, helium, hydrogen, isotopes, Lavoisier, Mendeleev, molecule, neutrons, nuclear energy, oxygen, periodic table, Priestley, protons, quarks, radioisotopes, radium,Rutherford, spectral lines, uranium, x-rays.

This version of The Atom is in an interactive DVD format. In addition to the complete video there are guided questions and mastery quizzes designed to help teach concepts recommended in the National Science Education Standards.

Closed Captioned. Updated 2004. Secondary, College.

ISBN 1-55979-094-6

#101-DVD The Atom, 1 DVD disc containing video, guided questions and mastery quizzes (48 min.), guide... 2010/2011 Price ... $74.50 $ 74.50 Add Item to Cart

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101 The Atom

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