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The Gene on DVD

example image An Interactive DVD. Clearly and simply presents basic information on one of the most important concepts in modern science-the gene. New computer animations help clarify the concepts. Includes guided questions and quizzes to help teachers reinforce concepts recommended in the National Science Standards.

Part 1. How Genes Were Discovered. Dramatizes the history of genetic discovery from Mendel in his monastery garden to Watson and Crick at the Cavendish Laboratory in England.

Part 2. What Is a Gene and How Does It Work? Outlines the basic picture we have today of what a gene is and how it works. Includes new material on cloning and the human genome project.

In The Gene the keys to scientific literacy include: adenine, amino acids, biochemist, chromosomes, cloning, Francis Crick, cytosine, differentiation, DNA, double helix, enzymes, Rosalind Franklin, gene gun, genetics, genome project, guanine, meiosis, Gregor Mendel, mitosis, mutation, ovary, protein, restriction enzyme, RNA, thymine, James Watson.

Closed Captioned. 2004. Secondary, College.

#110-DVD The Gene, 1 live-action video, guided questions and quizzes on DVD (40 min.), Guide ... 2010/2011 Price ... $74.50 $ 74.50 Add Item to Cart

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110 The Gene

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