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Working Biologists Today

Introduce your students to eleven world-class biologists. Each of these professionals tells an inspiring story of his or her work and its implications in the 21st century. Students will learn to appreciate the diversity and the interdependence of biology studies today. Biologists interviewed include: Richard Burgess, leader in biotechnology research and application; Robin Alta Charo, biologist and law professor who specializes in ethics of reproductive studies; Neal First, the first scientist to clone a cow; Brenda Faison, microbiologist at the Oak Ridge Institute for Environmental Studies; Thomas Lovejoy, Smithsonian researcher into Tropical Rain Forests; Regina Murphy, chemical engineer working on Alzheimer's Disease; Timothy Mulcahy, stem cell researcher; Anna Marie Nuutila, doing genetic engineering with barley plants; Eugene and Howard Odum, founders of modern ecology; Lloyd Smith, the Human Genome Project.

This program also available as Part 2 of Modern Biology: An Introduction.

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603 Modern Biology: An Introduction
603-DVD Modern Biology: An Introduction

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