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Working Physicists Today

example image A new 2003 release that introduces physics students to eight world-class physicists. Each of these professionals tells an inspiring story of his or her work and its implications in the 21st century. Students will learn to appreciate the diversity and the interdependence of physics studies today. Physicists interviewed include: Bernard Cohen, nuclear physicist at the University of Pittsburgh; Don Eigler, IBM physicist specializing in nanotechnology; Donald Huffman, leader of group that first made the new soccer-ball shaped carbon molecule, Buckyballs; Drasko Jovanovic, Fermilab physicst and cosmologist: Barbara Loch, Fermilab physicist; Amory Lovins, physicist specializing in energy research; Sally Ride, astrophysicist and our first female astronaut; Ken Zweibel, solar cell researcher in Colorado.

This program also available as Part 2 of Modern Physics: An Introduction.

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601-DVD Modern Physics: An Introduction

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