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Modern Physics: An Introduction

The proud history of physics from Galileo to Einstein is surveyed in Part 1 of this 2-part program. Students will learn how physicists like Galileo and Isaac Newton radically changed our view of the universe in the Renaissance. And how physicists like Einstein, Curie and Bohr changed it again the the 20th century. In Part 2 students will meet some outstanding physicists working today. Included are interviews with Donald Huffman, the physicist who by serendipity discovered how to make buckyballs; Sally Ride, the physicist who was America's first woman astronaut; Don Eigler, the IBM physicist who was the first to move atoms one at a time; and more.

This is an interactive DVD. In addtion to the video program, the disc has guided questions and mastery quizzes to reinforce concepts recommended in the National Science Education Standards.

#602 Modern Physics: An Introduction, 1 interactive DVD disc (54 min.), Subtitled, guide ... 2010/2011 Price ... $74.50 $ 74.50 Add Item to Cart

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601 Modern Physics: An Introduction

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