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Planet Earth-the 3rd Millennium

Six videos, Energy on Earth, Resources on Earth, Ecosystems on Earth, Populations on Earth, Governments on Earth, and Biotechnology on Earth

Energy on Earth

As the third millennium begins, earth relies ever more heavily on fossil fuel energy. This program helps students understand basic laws of energy flow, the importance of energy supplies for industrial civilizations, and the options for the new century.

Resources on Earth

Use this program to help your students understand natural resources-and debate how limited they are.

Ecosystems on Earth

What is the state of earth's ecosystems as the 21st century begins? A primer on ecosystem problems and opportunities.

Populations on Earth

Is the world overpopulated? Will population continue to explode in the coming century or will it level off as it did after the agricultural revolution?

Governments on Earth

A survey of the diversity of governments in the year 2000 with special note of the explosive growth of democratic forms and the decline of totalitarian ones.

Biotechnology on Earth

The 20th century saw the earth dramatically changed by industrial technology. The 21st century will see the earth even more changed by biotechnology and its handmaiden, nanotechnology.

Secondary, College. Closed captioned. Copyright 2001.
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