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The Gene on CD-ROM

The Gene on CD-ROM

The Gene on CD-ROM is designed to teach basic concepts in modern genetics and biotechnology. The program is a powerful self-paced learning program-a multi-media interactive textbook-that can lead the student through the minefields of gene concepts and the exploding technology of genetic engineering.

There are ten chapters. Basic concepts in each chapter are presented in short one-to-two minute video segments. The student is then guided through a series of interactive questions, mastery quizzes and key-point exercises ending with creative explorations on the Internet. The entire program is designed to be completed in ten sessions of 15 to 20 minutes each by an individual student working alone. It could also be used with an entire class if a computer screen projector is available.

Minimum requirements: Windows. Pentium, Windows 95/98/2000. 24 MB RAM. 256 Color VGA, Quicktime 3.0 or higher.MacIntosh: 68040 or higher. System 7.x or higher. 16 MB RAM. 256 color. Quicktime 3.0 or higher.

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