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Spaceship Earth

Twenty-nine years ago we at Hawkhill produced our first program, Spaceship Earth. Since then over 3,000 teachers across the country have used it in their classrooms and have agreed that it is something special.

Spaceship Earth has six parts. Connections to literature, philosophy and art are made vivid. Reviews in major educational media journals attest to the power of this classic program, recently revised to an all live-action version with closed captioning and available in both videotape and DVD.

Part 1: The Universe.

Part 2: The Biosphere.

Part 3: Living Things.

Part 4: The Cell

Part 5: Atoms and Molecules.

Part 6: A Little While Aware.

On Spaceship Earth DVD you can have easy access to keys to scientific literacy that include:

Planets, Constellations, Galaxies, Hubble space telescope, spaceship earth, biosphere, abiotic, producers, consumers, decomposers, humans in the biosphere, what are living things?, entropy, mysteries of life, evolution, fertilized egg, cell parts, chromosomes, DNA, cells and water, evolution of cells, atoms, periodic table of elements, hydrogen, cycling of atoms, molecules, science and poetry.

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700 Spaceship Earth

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