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Great Moments in the History of Science

Three videos, Marie Curie Finds Radium and Radioactivity, Louis Pasteur Proves Germs Cause Disease and Galileo Galilei Moves the Earth, on one DVD.

Marie Curie Finds Radium and Radioactivity

Take your students to Paris to visit the laboratory of Marie Curie to learn the personal story of how she and her husband, Pierre, worked long hours in a nearby shed to discover the new element radium, and how Marie Curie coined the word "radioactivity."

Louis Pasteur Proves Germs Cause Disease

Meet the scientist who benefited humanity more than any other. Take your students on a field trip to sites where Pasteur discovered that germs cause disease-and found ways to prevent disease.

Galileo Galilei Moves the Earth

The most giant of all giant steps in science and society happened during the Renaissance when men like Galileo launched the scientific revolution and changed forever the way humans view the universe.

On Great Moments in the History of Science DVD you can have easy access to keys to scientific literacy that include:

19th century science, Mendeleev, Periodic Chart, x rays, electrons, radioactivity, radium, changing views of the atom, anthrax, Robert Koch, Leeuwenhoek, Jenner, smallpox, Pasteur, rabies, AIDS, astronomy before Galileo, Renaissance, Ptolemaic system, Copernicus, Kepler, telescope, laws of motion, methods of science, trial of Galileo, Newton.

Secondary, College. Closed subtitles. Copyright 2001.
#190-DVD: Marie Curie Finds Radium & Radioactivity/Louis Pasteur Proves Germs Cause Disease/Galileo Galilei Moves the Earth, (66 min.), guide ... 2010/2011 Price ... $74.50 $ 74.50 Add Item to Cart

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