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Science and Society 1:

Two videos, Scientific Methods and Values and Women in Science, on one DVD.

Scientific Methods and Values

Most science textbooks and most science courses begin by discussing scientific methods and values. This program can make that introduction more vivid and meaningful.

Part 1. A Brief History of Science. Traces the history of how scientific methods and values came to be. Includes visits to the homes and laboratories of Newton, Darwin, Curie, Lavoisier, Watson and Crick and other famous scientists.

Part 2. What Is Science? Explains just what scientific methods and values are in a straightforward and eloquent way.

"An excellent introduction to the nature of science and scientists. THe set's pace is excellent, the narration is interesting and the illustrations are commanding. I highly recommend it." Hans O. Anderson, past president of the National Science Teachers Association in AAAS Science Books and Films.

Women in Science

The rapid growth in the number of women in science is one of the least noticed but one of the most important trends in science and society today.

Part 1 traces the history of women in science. Included are sections on Marie Anne Lavoisier, Maria Mitchell, Caroline Herschel, Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie and others.

Part 2 features interviews with women working on the frontiers of science and technology today in academia and in industry. Included are a chemical engineer, a biochemist, a nurse-midwife, a physicist and America's first astronaut, Sally Ride, a microbiologist and a computer technician.

Secondary, College. Closed subtitles. Copyright 2001.
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115 Scientific Methods and Values
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