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Nuclear Power

example image This up-to-date 2007 program brings knowledge and perspective to an emotionally charged subject. Includes video footage from Los Alamos, Three Mile Island, Oak Ridge and other centers of nuclear research. Program can help provide a base in science and history for discussion of nuclear power issues, including new developments in connections between energy production and global warming.

Part 1. The History of Nuclear Power. Tells the story of how nuclear power was developed in World War II and how it has come to be an important source of power (and controversy) today.

Part 2. Nuclear Power Today and Tomorrow. Helps the student understand the basic scientific principles involved in nuclear reactions. Includes pros and cons of nuclear energy in the future.

In Nuclear Power the keys to scientific literacy include: atomic number, atomic weight, background radiation, Niels Bohr, chain reaction, Chernobyl, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, e=mc2, Enrico Fermi, fission, fusion, half-life, global warming, Hiroshima, hydrogen bomb, isotopes, meltdown, neutrons, plutonium, protons, radiation, radioactive wastes, Three Mile Island, U-235.

Closed Captioned. 2007. Secondary, College.

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