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Two videos, Natural Resources and Natural Resources-Scarce or Plentiful?, on one DVD.

Natural Resources

In this two-part program students learn how gold and whale oil were once considered the most important natural resources. They will learn how the state of human technology and organization yesterday, today and tomorrow has a great deal to do with the abundance or scarcity of natural resources. Make sure your students hear and learn all sides of the controversial issues that make the headlines today.

Natural Resources-Scarce or Plentiful?

The USA with less than 5% of the world's population consumes over a third of the planet's natural resources. Is this good or bad? Prominent scientists and environmentalists share their divergent views in this timely program.

On Resources DVD you can have easy access
to keys to scientific literacy that include:

Natural resource crises in earlier times, agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, fossil fuel formation, democracy, capitalism, socialism, Thomas Malthus, conservation and manifest destiny, Club of Rome, Global 2000, what is a natural resource, energy resources, role of knowledge, finite world, environmental problems, doomsday or utopia, Jeremy Rifkin, Marion Clawson, Howard Odum, Thomas Lovejoy, Julian Simon, Resources for the Future.

Secondary, College. Closed subtitles. Copyright 2001.
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