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Earth Science 2:

Two videos, The Expanding Universe and Living in Space, on one DVD.

The Expanding Universe

This two-part program will be an informative and inspiring introduction to modern astronomy.

Part 1. A Brief History of Astronomy. Students will learn of the great change during the Renaissance when pioneers like Galileo and Newton launched the scientific revolution. They will also learn about the modern pioneers who first listened in on the Big Bang.

Part 2. Planets, Stars and Galaxies. Using video from NASA and new photos from the Hubble telescope, students will learn where our earth is in space.

Living in Space

Once upon a time life took a big step forward, moving out of the sea and onto the land. Today humankind is taking an equally big step outwards, living in space. As the Russian space visionary, Constantin Tsiolkovskii said, "The earth is the cradle of the mind, but you cannot live in the cradle forever."

Part 1 presents a brief history of space exploration to date.

Part 2 is named for teacher-astronaut Christa McAuliffe. Her words, "I touch the future. I teach," provide the keynote for this dramatic leap into the future of space colonies.

On Earth Science 2 DVD you can have easy access
to keys to scientific literacy that include:

Stonehenge, Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Herschel, Einstein, Hubble, Big Bang, size of universe, age of universe, planets, asteroids, galaxies, radio astronomy, Hubble telescope, Tsiolkovskii, consciousness, balloons, Wright brothers, first rockets, V-2 rockets, Sputnik, space shuttle, man on the moon, Skylab, Christa McAuliffe, space colonies, biotechnology, Sally Ride, L-4 and L-5 sites.

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    Secondary, College, Closed subtitled. 2001.

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