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Physical Science 1:

Two videos, The Atom and Radiation, on one DVD.

The Atom

Knowledge of the atom is basic to all of the sciences. Use this program in any science course to help students learn what an atom is and what it means in human terms today.

Part 1. How We Found Out About Atoms. Tells the dramatic story of humankind's search for the ultimate unit of matter. We begin in ancient Greece, and end with the 20th century revolution of Bohr, Einstein and Curie.

Part 2. What Is an Atom? Gives the student a clear, dramatic picture of what we know and what we don't know about atoms today.


The world is made of atoms. The world is powered by radiation. Few subjects are so important and few so misunderstood. This live-action video will help students learn what radiation is, how it was discovered and what are the risks and the benefits of radiation today.

Part 1. How Radiation Was Discovered. Students will learn how scientists like Newton, Young, Maxwell, Becquerel and Curie discovered basic facts about radiation.

Part 2. Radiation and You.Students will learn facts and theories about radiation today, both the benefits and the risks.

On Physical Science 1 DVD you can have easy access
to keys to scientific literacy that include:

Democritus, Priestley, Cavendish, Lavoisier, Dalton, Mendeleev, x rays, radioactivity, electrons, Rutherford's atom, Bohr's atom, nuclear energy, periodic table of elements, chemical bonds, carbon bonds, DNA, electronics, cancer therapy, Big Bang, what is light? Young's experiments, light spectrum, what is electricity? Maxwell's waves, x ray discoveries, radioactivity, fission, fusion, electromagnetic spectrum, ozone, ionizing radiation, REM.

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    Secondary, College. Closed subtitles. Copyright 2001.

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