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Health Science 1:

Two videos, Disease and Health and Toxic Wastes, on one DVD.

Disease and Health

adds much needed historical perspective to questions of disease and health today. Stresses the need for science and for common sense.

Part 1. Disease and Health in Past Ages. Focuses on giant steps that medical science has taken to conquer disease and to foster health. Highlighted is the work of pioneers like Jenner, Koch, Pasteur and Salk.

Part 2. The Science of Health. An overview of consensus and dispute within the scientific community about health and disease today. Personal choice issues like smoking, diet and drugs are emphasized.

Toxic Wastes

Students are often bewildered by news stories about the latest toxic waste hazards. With this popular program you can help your students better understand the science of toxicology.

Part 1. A History of Toxic Wastes in the Biosphere. Shows how the "good old days" had serious toxic waste problems too. How they solved past crises gives clues for today.

Part 2. Toxic Wastes Today. Explains the basic scientific concepts needed to convert fear into intelligent action.

On Health Science 1 DVD you can have easy access
to keys to scientific literacy that include:

Pasteur & anthrax, early disease theories, Hippocrates, smallpox and Jenner, epidemics, holistic health, AIDS, cancer, heart disease, health quackery, pollution,toxic wastes, Black Death, drugs, alcoholism, sanitarians, chemicals, landfills, radioactive wastes, natural toxic chemicals, science and health.

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    Secondary, College. Closed subtitles. Copyright 2001.

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