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Disease and Health

Michael Moore's movie Sicko captured the attention of many Americans. Our program Disease and Health avoids scare tactics, selective anecdotes and biased logic. Instead it adds much needed historical perspective to questions of disease and health today. Also stresses the need for science and for common sense in dealing with health. Updated in 2007.

Part 1. Disease and Health in Past Ages. Many of the proudest and many of the saddest moments in human history have centered on disease and health. Here we focus on some of the giant steps that medical science has taken to conquer disease and to foster health. Highlighted is the work of pioneers like Jenner, Koch, Pasteur and Jonas Salk.

Part 2. The Science of Health. An overview of consensus and dispute within the scientific community today about health and disease. Personal choice issues in health like smoking, diet and drugs are emphasized.

In Disease and Health the keys to scientific literacy include:AIDS, anatomy, anesthetic, anthrax, antibiotics, Black Death, cancer, epidemic, health quackery, Hippocrates, holistic medicine, immunization, Jenner, Koch, malaria, oxygen, Pasteur, physiology, placebo, pollution, smallpox, toxic wastes, tuberculosis, vaccine, vitamins.

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