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Life Science 2:

Two videos, The Biosphere and Ecosystems, on one DVD.

The Biosphere

Global warming, ozone depletion and acid rain all make headlines and the evening news. In order to understand these and other global environmental problems, students need to understand what biologists call the biosphere.

Part 1. A Brief History of the Biosphere. How did the biosphere come to be? Traces the history of four billion years of the growth of the atmosphere and of changing life on planet earth.

Part 2. The Biosphere Today. Gives the student a clear, dramatic picture of the scientific concepts needed to understand the biosphere today.


What is ecology? How can it help us understand the world we live in? An up-to-date program ideal for life sciences and environmental studies.

Part 1. From Nature Study to Ecology. The naturalist tradition of Henry David Thoreau is contrasted with the hard science tradition of modern quantitative ecology.

Part 2. The Web of Life. Carefully outlines concepts used by ecologists to study ecosystems today. Program includes a look at how human values play key roles in environmental choices.

On Life Science 2 DVD you can have easy access
to keys to scientific literacy that include:

Biosphere, birth of the earth, birth of life on earth, Miller experiment, natural selection, photosynthesis, time scales, Gaia, homeostasis, greenhouse effect, atmosphere, global warming, cycling of elements, oxygen/carbon dioxide cycle, nitrogen cycle, Thoreau, Francis Bacon, spaceship earth, quantitative science, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, what is ecology? energy flow, energy pyramids, food chains, recycling of matter, environmental problems, acid rain.

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