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Special Listing of New Teacher-enhanced DVDs to Teach Science Literacy to National Science Standards


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New LOW prices on all DVDs for 2010/2011

921-DVD Light and Electricity:
An interactive DVD with two video programs plus questions and quizzes

602-DVD Modern Chemistry: An Introduction
Two parts: a brief history of chemistry and interviews with world-class chemists of today

603-DVD Modern Biology: An Introduction
A brief history of biology and interviews with world-class biologists today

601-DVD Modern Physics: An Introduction
Two parts: a brief history of physics and interviews with world-class physicists today

101-DVD The Atom on DVD
The history of how we found out about atoms and what we know today. An Interactive DVD

116-DVD Toxic Wastes on DVD
An Interactive DVD with added questions and quizzes

924-DVD Chemical Cycles in the Biosphere
An Interactive DVD with added questions and quiz

923-DVD Food Chains in the Biosphere
An Interactive DVD with added questions and quizzes

110-DVD The Gene on DVD
How we found out about genes and how genes work in living things today. An Interactive DVD

950-DVD The Great Lakes
The geology, history and ecology of the largest chain of fresh water lakes in the world

927-DVD Cloning: How and Why
Learn how mammal cloning is done today in biotechnology labs around the world

929-DVD Stem Cells
How they are cultured and why they offer such potential for our future health and welfare

311-DVD Genetic Engineering
The brave new world of cloning, gene splicing, in vitro fertilization and more

928-DVD The Human Genome Project
Look inside a modern genome sequencing laboratory and learn why this project is so important

821-DVD Democracy in the Ancient World
How democracy began in tribal societies, and in the Greek, Roman and Christian worlds.

825-DVD The Fascist Challenge
The story of fascism in the 20th century -- and beyond.

303-DVD Global Warming
Updated 2005 program on debates about global warming

106-DVD Ecosystems on DVD
How did ecology come to be and how can it help us understand our world today

830-DVD Democracy: The Basics
Explore how democracy work (or fails to work) in the 21st Century.

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