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VHS Programs

111 Living in Space
A short history of space exploration and a preview of space colonies

700 Spaceship Earth
A Hawkhill Classic that explores the natural world from atoms to stars (and poetry)

853 Wisconsin Environment
The natural history of Wisconsin from Ice Age to modern times

401 The Story of the Atom
Middle School and Jr. High version of The Atom

410 The Story of the Gene
How genes were discovered and how they work in living world today

408 The Story of Evolution
One of our most popular programs surveys the facts and the theory of evolution today

415 How Scientists Think and Work
A primer on scientific methods and values for middle and Jr High grades

409 The Story of the Expanding Universe
An introduction to astronomy

406 The Story of Ecosystems
Introduction to ecology for middle and Jr High grades

403 The Story of Climate, Weather and People
Acid rain, global warming and more

405 The Story of Disease and Health
Give historical perspective to problems of disease and health today

412 The Story of Natural Resources
What is a natural resource? Are they scarce or plentiful?

402 The Story of the Changing Earth
Introduction to geology and geography

413 The Story of Nuclear Power
A fair presentation of pros and cons of nuclear power

950 The Great Lakes
The geology, history and ecology of the largest chain of fresh water lakes in the world

868 Voices of the Great Lakes
The story of voyageurs, lumberjacks, miners and pioneer farmers in the Great Lakes country

704 The Cell
Introduction to the basic building block of life

705 Atoms and Molecules
A popular introduction to chemistry for middle and Jr. High grades

909 Planets, Stars and Galaxies
Clear picture of what we know about planets, stars and galaxies today

810 Air, Earth, Fire and Water
Four mini-courses in the four "elements." Science and poetry

864 Iron Mines and Men
The story of iron mining in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin in the 19th century

852 Wisconsin Arts and Sciences
Story of arts and sciences in Wisconsin. Special attention to Frank Lloyd Wright

851 Wisconsin Agriculture
From early farming to high-tech farms of today

855 Wisconsin Industry
From fur trading, lead mining and lumbering to high-tech industry of today

854 Wisconsin Government
Most popular program in Wisconsin series

856 Wisconsin People
Ethnic diversity in Wisconsin

1010 A. Lincoln
"75 students and their teachers sat spellbound and viewed the era of Lincoln and the Civil War"

865 There She Blows
Whaling from New England in the 19th century with folk songs accompanying

800 Welcome to the Universe
Highly praised elementary version of Hawkhill classic program Spaceship Earth


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700-DVD Spaceship Earth
A Hawkhill Classic surveys the natural world from atoms to the universe

950-DVD The Great Lakes
The geology, history and ecology of the largest chain of fresh water lakes in the world

800-DVD Welcome to the Universe
An adaptation of Spaceship Earth for younger students. Grades 3 to 8.

866-DVD The Romance of the Lumberjack
Lumbering in 19th century Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin

865-DVD There She Blows
The story of 19th whaling out of New Bedford and Nantucket, Massachusetts.

864-DVD Iron Mines and Men
Iron mining in 19th century Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan

1010-DVD A. Lincoln
The most moving production ever on Lincoln and the Civil War.

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