Beaver, Lion, Otter, and Golden Retriever

June 25, 2018

The lion, beaver, otter, and golden retriever, An retriever. Animals that resemble human beings.

My son, Michael, gave me the idea for this blog.

The basic idea holds that we all, like some native Americans, have characteristics in our soul animal spirit of the animals listed above. For nstance  the Lion in our deepest guts makes an unexpected presence and I am certainly a working beavers. When it comes to my ideas as in a blog like this one I don’t like be either challenged or interrupted. That is typical behavior for a lion and a wer.

I  remember a story of a famous writer, Leo Tolstoy. The aged Tolstoy was so upset with the distractions of his old age household he threatened (and carried through his threat) to plan to move out and leave his wife and whole family. I’m not as confident or as famous, not to mention writing skill, as Leo Tolstoy to go that far, but close.

The other individual family member I know Is a little like me is Samuel , Jane’s son. At heart eorking beavrt beaver.; Professionally he works for the State Department but his true love is carpentry which fortunately he  applies in his retirement around the house here in Madison in the form of fencing,, deck remodeling, storage spsce, a wheelchair ramp and small but desperately needed tasks..Sam is always busy. busy (as a ]beaver  As a working beaver he often misses supper. Bill too misses meals  now and then—typical of beavers.

As for the rest most common are the otters as you might expect. Th otter are the people who do the crosswords, suducos, sports fans and participants,TT game shows and ads, and wouldn’t read a serious book about ideas if you paid them.

Then there was the time that Kate called me an ass-hole at the polite dinner table. Actually it was othe normal self but the lion that was residing temporarily  in Kate’s deepest gut that did the svo;gst shouting. l recently  responded similarly. I did the same thing when I shouted at Kate recently or years ago in a similar dispute months ago at Black Pond.

Lions don’t like to be challenged!

Similar to Sam, I was a professional science teacher but y secret t love was writing poems, plays, and essays. I used to wake up about 4 to do my writing before considering the physics or chemistry lesson of the day. I continued this routine in a retired way; social science blogs instead of poems, plays and essays; more like philosophic comments than literature.

And  then there are the funsters—the otters. We all have them too, Who resist seeing without smiling the playful otters tumbling down water slides in the zoo? Is Sudoco, crossword puzzles, soap operas, pop music, Scrabble, bridge, sports, frenetic ads, and TV game shows far behind?

Let’s face it; we are all a complex mixture of lion, beaver, and otter with a dominance of one or another.

Except the golden retriever! I am prejudiced here golden retrievers are universally loved. We used to raise them. The only human being I know who can compete is my wife Jane. Everyone loves Jane. She us now revering from a fall that broke her hip at 94. In addition to good elite looks she has a wicked sense of humor. My son Mike commented on that rare sense of humor after watching her interplay with nurses at the VA hospital, “She had those nurses wrapped around her little GINGRTve with a perfect woman, she does have some faults. she is not as compassionate I would like when I have an accident in fact she is a bum nurse, this,  despite the fact that her daughter Kate is the opposie, a very od h  nurse who is lookingout for our health in our declining years.

bill Stonebarger, Owner/Peresident, Hawkhill

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