Recycling is the bunk

Recycling is the bunk

MAY 7, 2018

Henry Ford once said, ”History is the bunk.”

Our local newspaper celebrated Earth Day with the headline ”Pledge to Recycle all that you can” for Earth Day. Polls show that over 90% of the American public agrees. I don’t. In fact, I think recycling is a recipe for poverty and recession, if not deep depression..

Consider: Reuse, Repair, and Recycle are slogans of the Great Depression and the Agricultural Age are not remotely relevant to the Modern Age.

It all got started with a report to the president at the turn of the century. This report warned that we might be running out of resources to feed, shelter, clothe, and move a rapidly expanding population on earth. It copied and expanded the work of the Club of Rome, a group of environmentally-inspired scientists, artists, and intellectuals whose computer data and book, “Limits to Growth,” was alarming. The only way possible for humanity to make it was a quick turn to reuse, repair, and recycle.

Meanwhile food itself, along with other life necessary resources was setting records for production and cheapness. A companion story in the same issue as the alarming quote on recycling told readers that filly half the food produced was never eaten!

In Paul Ehrlich’s arithmetic was good but he had the numbers right but not the content wrong In his bestselling book, The Population Bomb published in 1948 he blithely predicted millions of Americans would die of starvation due to overpopulation before the century ended. Instead millions of Americans are on diets in the 21st century and the AP reports there is twice as much food produced. India and China are self- sufficient and as a matter of fact are exporters of food.

Miners worldwide are eager to mine coal, iron and aluminum ore, sand and limestone. Energy workers and companies are eager to drill oil wells and frack natural gas to provide the energy required for manufacturers to convert the steel, aluminum, and plastic into cars, refrigerators, and smartphones.

It’s called prosperity.

The left-liberal clergy is great when it comes to fighting racism and sexism. They are not so great when they tell us we have too many people, the climate is going to do us in, we are going to run out of everything, and that the only way we can possibly survive is to reuse, repair, and recycle!

Horse feathers!!

Sill another myth is that we are running out of landfill space. Or of course, we could always return to imperialist wars!

Really sad as Donald Trump often adds in his tweets.

Bill Stonebarger, Owner/President, Hawkhill

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