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May 14, 2018

People sometimes ask me, as a libertarian, if there is anything I really believe for sure.


I  was planning the conventional list headed by the family. I come from a divorced family so that makes a difference. I do truly love and care about all members of my extended family, including my first wife and all the children of Jane and Virginia qnd all my wonderful nieces, sister Judy, nephews and in-laws (whom I am happy to report are all living well and still working for the most part) But face it, there is some dissent (and some bitterness) about the past (on all sides) as well as different styles of living so I better continue to stick to my specialty—abstract ideas.

He of the most important of these is…

I believe this country, the USA, is exceptional in that it that has led the world into the Modern Age. (Ant still leads, yes, with Trump as president.)

I further believe this Modern Age is distinguished from former Ages by the extreme growth of science and technology, freedom to trade in market economies, and freedom of and from religion (despite Trump’s bias against Muslims, who often sneer at freedom of any kind, including religion.)

I know. I know. Leftists think this claim is a laughing stock because of slavery and our crimes against the Native Americans. I’m not laughing.

I know. I know. Leftists consider slavery in our south a particularly vicious form of this scourge,  Leftists also don’t seem to recognize that what is called slavery (working for others with no legal rights) was common over many thousands of years. Many if not most civilizations and empires, had slavery, including African ones.

, including african ones. Leftists argue slavery and our crimes against Native Americans make the laughing even louder.

They also seem to forget that half a million white guys, including my great-grandfather, gave their lives to preserve the union and get rid of slavery for good. To abolish this meme of working could not be easily changed.

Lefttists also forget that most Native Americans were still living in the Hunting/Gathering or Agricultural Ages where imperialistic wars, extreme violence, and century-long ideas about wealth, religion, torture, sexism, racism, and absolute power over individuals ruled the day. Expecting a quick and easy transition was always unrealistic. It still is unrealistic over 200 years later. It would help if authorities recognized the different values of different Ages.

Certain other faiths follow this basic one of exceptionalism and the birth of the Modern Age.

Most important of all assumption memes from previous Ages is that wealth is measured in things—land, gold, and resources based on the land.

It’s not that way in the Modern Age. Wealth is measured in accomplishments in science, technology, business, energy, or art and not in things however rich and cool they seem.

Japan, Taiwan,, Switzerland, Israel, and Singapore are all very wealthy countries. They all have few resources but are very rich nevertheless.

Tanzania, Egypt, Poland, Cuba, Afghanistan, and Palestine do have abundant resources and are very poor.

And then large countries like the USA, China, China, Germany, India, and most countries of Europe including Russia. These have had unfortunate flirts and bloody wars with fascism and communism.  They have natural resources in abundance and are wealthy. Now. It was not always so. they experimented with both fascism and communism with disastrous results. Once they adapted science and technology, freedom of religion, and capitalist market economies in earnest they have made rapid progress in the Modern Age and as a matter of fact are exporting food and other resources of value.
Bill Stonebarger, Owner/President, Hawkhill

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