President Donald Trump

Apr. 15, 2018

Have you noticed the latest move in the political wars? Apparently, the Associated Press (and presumably other mainstream newspapers) instructed reporters to always refer to the occupant of the White House as President Donald Trump. I know the mainstream clergy is biased against Trump (and he certainly reciprocates the bias) but I’m not certain what they are getting at here. in this seemingly innocuous policy.

Maybe that the president is not a permanent office. If he is impeached (hopefully, according to the clerical media) he will no longer be our president. I’m not aware that they always referred to any previous occupants of the White House as President Barack Obama. Or President George Bush–or even President Franklin D. Roosevelt and he had four terms!

I’m also not sure, pretty sure, it is wishful thinking! Trump is not going anywhere least of all by impeachment despite the lack of real evidence of Russian collusion There is some evidence of sexual affairs. But that is hardly unusual. See witty John F. Kennedy, brother Robert, and charming Bill Clinton and of course black celebrity Bill Cosby. And don’t forget Hollywood moneybags Harvey Weinstein. And scads more politicians and celebrities, including conservative Dwight Eisenhower.

IF Donald Trump doesn’t win in in 2020 it will be a minor miracle that calls into question political wisdom (that it’s the economy, stupid!). For sure,—it’s booming!

He become president by questioning the politically correct clergy, Republican and Democratic. He might be a racist and sexist as many a progressive claims. He has appointed many gifted and eminently qualified women and blacks to high offices. Actually he acts the same way a progressive CEO of the NBA and NFL does. They want above all else to win. As Yogi Berra said quipped when asked what makes a successful baseball coach-–good players!

He would never hire PC politicians like Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer because they are short efficiency, profitability, and common sense. These three shortages–efficiency, profitability, and common sense–are admittedly unforgivable sins to the current President, Donald Trump.

Which brings up why he has been so successful Progressives and Greens who love regulations of course won’t give him any credit.
If the ultimate political maxim holds true Trump is a world master! The stock market is setting records, the employment rate is up and the unemployment rate, especially among minorities, is the lowest ever, manufacturing is making a comeback, ISIS is in decline., we are at peace with the world, salaries a.nd take-home pay are rising are increasing, dependency payments are down, taxes have been cut, and illegal immigrants and criminals are being caught and deported. What’s not to like?

In short, we have never seen the likes of it in this country! You can count on it. Leftist Democrats are desppert to find something to confuse voters with sham scandals and damn President Trump!

Bill Stonebarger, Owner/President, Hawkhill

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