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Sunday, March 4th, 2018

Mar. 12, 2018

.A week ago we had a rather unpleasant dinner, Kate, Jane’s daughter, was visiting in preparation of taking over the bill paying chores from me. At my age I can’t even get the correct dollar and cents numbers on the checks! And can’t read the overdue notices!!

I was making some kind of what I thought a very mild criticism of one of her brothers.Suddenly Kate suddenly erupted in finger-pointing pent-up fury and shouted at me, “Bill, you are a total ass-hole!!!” The others at the dinner table were stunned. Defending Kate and her brothers, Jane added later, “It cleared the air.”

It sure did. For one thing, it confirmed my opinion that all of Jane’s children, including Jane herself, are polite and elite liars. (Some arrogantly so.) Like much of modern music that’s not as bad as it sounds! Everybody lies. Sometimes. The difference is one of degree and purpose. Like most things you learn, if you live long enough, to in paradox live and let live with lies. As the old journalist advice goes, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”

I really think that above all else, Jane loves her children. I’m convinced all of her children do love Jane. I too love Jane very much. But like Steve Jobs (whose biography Jane and I watched last evening on Netflix) the honest truth is I love my Hawkhill ideas even more. If this offends or shocks you, you’ll never understand people of ideas like Steve and me. And legions of others like Marx, Darwin, etc., etc. Idea people like Jobs, me, Marx, Darwin, etc., etc. treasure our ideas more than people.

Steve Jobs was responsible for the ideas that went into creating the iMac, the iPod, the iPad, and especially the iPhone. These technology miracles him rich and have made Apple the richest company in the world. I obviously can’t compete with that. He was also a hopeless ass-hole in many of his personal relationships. The truth is in that respect I just might give Steve some competition.

But I do think I have stumbled upon the richest key idea to understanding the health and prosperity of human societies. Even though I have written about it often in these blogs and my books, but the public, and most readers, still remain in the dark as to understanding its importance. Specifically, I’m talking my idea that the evolution from the100,000-year Hunting/Gathering Age to the 10,000-year Agricultural to the barely 200-year Modern Age by changes in both genes and memes the log run the log run. This idea stumble of mine won’t make me rich or famous but so what. It is not as immediately powerful as the iPhone or the iPad but it may well be more significant fifty or a hundred years from now. Whatever the case as to the relative importance, the challenge and main reward is in the effort, details, scope, and originality and not in the end product or eventual reward.

As to objectors I have to admit they are few and far between. Jesus had 12 apostles originally and eventually billions o followers; Marx, Mao, Lenin, Hitler, Mohammed, and Stalin had bllions; I have only one who really seems to understand my ideas (and he’s my oldest son).

Genes last a long time. It takes a long time for memes from previous ages to dim and disappear. Some last many centuries.

So Kate may be right. I may be an ass-hole as Steve Jobs certainly was. Steve and I both prefer ideas to polite and elite lies.

Bill Stonebarger, Owner/President. Hawkhill

P.S.. I haven‘t changed my mind about trusting Hawkhill’s finances to Kate. She has already done a lot for Jane and me. Many thanks Kate for your past good work and good luck with the bills!