Feb, 26, 2018

I can’t help noticing that Climate Change activists who used to rejoice at every tornado, hurricane, flood, and fire have been strangely quiet this past cold winter with tons of new snow and ice watching.

I hasten to admit anecdotes like this are not solid evidence but tell that to Climate Change advocates and you will get a very cold stare. Climate Change is a modern faith certified by the left-liberal clergy and no purely rational argument can shake it.

For instance the committed will admit the predictions of the vaunted Paris accord where oodles of nations made vague promises to cut their carbon output even if carried out (which would itself be a minor miracle) would only reduce world average world temperatures a tiny fraction of a degree Centigrade by the end of the 21st century. The PC clergy still thinks it is worth crippling our fossil fuel energy companies, spending billions on solar panels and windmills, and sacrificing trillions of dollars of wealth today for that minuscule drop in world temperature a hundred of years hence. Talk about blind faith!

Or how about the abysmal batting average for predictions many scientists have made. Like John Holdren, science advisor to Barack Obama and physicist expert, who predicted we would run out of oil and other essential resources before the 20th century ended. And Paul Ehrlich, leading environmentalist of Stanford who predicted literally millions of Americans would die of starvation due to overpopulation before the century ended! (To this day he hasn’t backed down, only postponed the catastrophe a hundred years or so.)

Hey are leaders today of the overwhelming majority of scientists who are predicting global warming will destroy our civilization, some claim our species will be extinct! And then there is Maxine Waters, the congresswoman from California, as well as many other Democratic senators and representatives who believe the worst of these predictions as well as a whole lot of other economic nonsense!

As our president would say, “sad.”

That’s much too mild a term to describe the massacre at a South Florida High School last week. Before the leftist clergy sharpen their gun control knives I want to go on record praising the president for his wise and common sense views.

Ia also want to officially close out most Hawkhill operations. I’m just getting too old. We don’t get many orders these days. Amazon can handle a few orders, and Youtube already has many of our best programs that you can stream gratis.

Bill Stonebarger, Owner/ President. Hawkhill

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