Feb, 12, 2018

Warriors have won most of the medals for heroic actions to kill enemy people or save patriot lives. This was true in the past and is still true today.

No woomder! In Hunting /Gathering days (100,000 years or more) tribes were dependent on their brave and fierce warriors for survival against other tribes and nature.

In the agricultural times (at least 10,000 years) the heroes were still warrior leaders like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Mohammed, Genghis Kahn, Vladimir Lenin, and Adolph Hitler. They each founded imperialist empires, got on demand popular applause and worship for their leadership in imperialist conquests.

Note I did not include Jesus, the founder of Christianity, in that list of warrior heroes (even though his followers have had a pretty bloody followers in both the Agricultural and Modern Ages.) Jesus was ahead of his time. His peace-loving views led, eventually, to the Modern Age. Atheists like Adolph Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Hugo Chávez, and Fidel Castro have also  succeeded, spectacularly, in achieving great popularity for their leadership in violent Marxist socialism.

I did not add Jesus because he was a transitional figure to the Modern Age when he is reported as saying in the Bible,  “Give back to Caesar. the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” In other words keep religion and state separate. And Western states have done so typically. The exceptions are a few fascist and socialist countries. Most Western countries are firmly now in the Modern Age.

In President Trump’s State of the Union speech he did give major praise to some warrior heroes, but he also honored more humble people: victims, welders, hikers, US Flag distributer boys, and many lesser folk.

My hope in this blog is to add a few local heroes.

For instance our hair cutter, Joe Bonardi. He is not only is good hair cutter for Jane and me, unlike most doctors today, he makes house calls. In addition to his professional paid work, he is also volunteer chief cook an bottle washer at the Period Garden Park, a charming small park near our house. He, along with other volunteers, worked hard and long to assemble a collection of exotic trees, flowers, and a stunningly beautiful old fountain in downtown Madison. Free to all courtesy of Joe’s work and purse. Joe is a hero in my book.

So is atheist activist Annie Gaylor, president of the Freedom from ,,. Some people in the city and country look on Annie as Lucifer herself..  I admire atheist Annie and her work. It must be very unpleasant to say the least to have so many neighbors who hate you. But Annie does get some satisfaction when the Supreme Court of the country upholds one of your legal cases against too public display of religious faiths. As has happened often in recent years.

I should also mention personal friends and relatives in the hero blog. All of Jane’s and my most of our children, my sisters and families, and I myself when I was a poorly paid  taacher, qualify. Some paid helpers of the VA and Senior Helpers also qualify as heroes due to their recent care that was above and beyond the normal. As for our children, we took care of them as children, they are now more than returning the favor.

Then there is the case of personal friends and blog readers, Donna Peckett and Danielle Dresden, and other democratic socialists I have mixed feelings. In addition to friendly times I know that Donna and partner Danielle Donna have devote scads of time to personally create community gardens, teach poor kids and adults the rudiments of arts and theater, and brighten old and handicapped people’s lives by visiting, performing, and bringing tasty food from Donna’s gardens, her own kitchen, and local restaurants. Please stand and take a bow, Donna and Danielle. You’ve done a lot of heroic work and you are not quitters.

Which brings me face to face with an interesting dilemma for me.

I’m not totally sure but my guess is that Donna and Danielle, the majority of our children, grandchildren, and old friends, and truth be told probably the majority of readers of this blog, are actually members of what I have been calling the left-liberal clergy. But most still read my blogs even though they often disagree about details of the left-liberal point of view.

Reminds of a UK great socialist friend who regularly emails me, “Let me just tell you, with the lunatic in the White House you Bill are ringing your bells but before long you, along with the rest of us, will be wringing your hands. It is beyond me that a man of your intellect can offer support to this total twerp.”

I don’t want get too personal, but I treasure (any writer would) how he ended one email,

“I beg to differ with you but Bill you are still my favourite writer.”

Alas, I hate to say it but most of our own children, and most of our old friends and heroes, add me, myself and I, and regular readers of this blog continue to stubbornly support big government dependency and all social spending causes that will  lead to the ruin of this country if not the Modern Age itself.

A French fellow traveler said in a moving and fit reply to–by a large margin–the major tragedy of our Age, which the leftist clergy continues to ignore (the humiliating and complete, for instance , for instance , the failure of Marxist socialism in Russia and China).

As one once French fellow traveler said, ”We thought we had The Answer (democratic socialism) but it turned out all we really had was cold theory, ashes and corpses.”

Bill Stonebarger, Owner/ President. Hawkhill

P.S. For the curious looking for gift for people have everything but who cares about ideas, devout Catholic to left-liberal clergy to conservative libertarian. I suggest you buy, give, and read yourself one of my recent books (cheap and, in my opinion, good reads!)—Twilight or Dawn? A Traveler’s Guide to Free-Market Liberal Democracy, East Gilman Street, or Bill’s Blogs. Or view some splendid ideas on science, religion, capitalism, and democracy streamed free on YouTube.

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