Trump and the Media

Dec. 4, 2017

I’m getting a little tired of this subject. I bet some readers are too, but it is a hot one these days in the news so here goes.

I fully agree that President Trump is not the equal of Lincoln, Obama, or FDR in eloquence; he is not close to John F. Kennedy in wit, sophistication, looks, and womanizing; and most certainly he is not the scholar, philosopher, and intellectual giant Thomas Jefferson was. He is and remains a salesman and CEO capitalist with all of the virtues and failings of that calling.

I’m not much of a salesman. My father was. Trump, like my father and most good salesmen, and CEOs, has probably has not read all, or even many, of the important books and magazines. But Trump does know some tricks of efficiency. He works hard like most salesmen and CEOs. In addition, he knows how to make a profit! Those skills are relatively rare in politicians and may well be what we need nowadays if we want real economic progress.

That’s because profits from capitalist efficiency are, in my view, the only real guarantee of economic progress.

China, for example, had fearful famines as well as quite a few massacres under the international hero and socialist, Mao Zedong.

It is only now recovering due almost solely to profits from its new business-friendly market economy and tolerance for inequality. In other words, prosperity has indeed trickled down. Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, as well as most of Europe and the UK, should pay more attention but most are not. Instead, they are going in the opposite direction with still more dependence and concern about inequality. I think we in the US we should pay closer attention. Trump is.

Excessive consumer and producer regulations are often the culprit in our decline. Trump is doing his best to reduce regulations, especially environmental ones

Another drain on efficiency and profits are affirmative action, clean-energy crony capitalist subsidies, and excessive social-justice and social welfare laws. Trump is doing his best to reverse their impact.

Still another drain is immigration laws that let both legal and illegal immigrants en masse. Not always, but only too often too close for comfort as Trump claims, these legal and illegal immigrants include Radical Muslims, murderous and much deported thugs, and drug dealers. Trump is doing his best to keep them out. His famous Wall may not be a complete answer but it’s a start. As poet Robert Frost wrote years ago, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Finally, Trump is also not fond of diversity for its own sake. He is fond of diverse talents to help the economy grow, as his immigration views show. I agree with him.

And lastly Trump is for low taxes, especially on job-creating and profit-creating oompanies. And he was able to deliver a tax reform bill just late Friday night!

He does face fierce resistance from a college-educated clergy that is, for the most part, sympathetic to socialism and often opposed to free-market capitalism and individuals looking for “do good” work.. (I hate to point out that socialism does benefit, for lack of a better term, what I call “do-gooders.” I further confess I used to be one! After all is said and done, I admit “do-good” work does usually tend to be more interesting, more respected, and more emotionally rewarding than most work that makes a profit.)

That may be the main reason why professors, teachers in K-12 schools, bureaucrats in government, most journalists, scientists and professionals,  assorted college-educated intellectuals, most celebrities, and many artists, writers, actors, editors, producers, and musicians are near unanimous in their intense dislike of our president. He makes profits king and does not get much emotional reward. (The fact that socialist governments often censor and imprison dissident intellectuals and artists just doesn’t count with most left–liberals. They typically ignore this fact, or just say never mind. A few college graduates like me do watch, or even work for, Fox News! but ninety plus percent of college-educated groups are sympathetic to socialism, are very politically correct, and at best are leery about profits, salesmen, and CEOs.. In short, Trump is not as cool as Barack Obama was.

Never mind that Obama presided over the weakest recovery from recession in history, apologized for our past, and left the country in a mess, according to many including Trump.

Today most journalists go to college. They too end up, for the most part, opposed to Trump and their bias shows, especially in headlines and basic news coverage.

One very recent example: Trump allegedly made a racist slur calling Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard professor,  “Pocahontas.” Warren, a possible rival for the presidency in 2future years has prided herself in elections past on her fake news Native American ancestry. I want to know who is the racist here?

Trump has taken the strategy of resorting to Tweets to combat the media’s dislike, and often downright hatred and bias.

I am not one of his alleged 100 million followers so I don’t routinely read his Tweets. I recently looked them up and was surprised at their numbers and quality.

In his Thanksgiving holiday week in Florida, for instance, Trump managed to write over 20, including a long Thanksgiving video to the nation. The Tweets and Thanksgiving message were mostly ignored in the media. Trump also worked on getting more profit-making jobs in between rounds of golf with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson, which was reported.

I can’t help noting that Obama too played a great deal of golf at posh country clubs but didn’t write many Tweets or create many jobs in the profit sector. Obama did create a lot of non-profit government, especially in consumer regulations—1600 alone in the CFPB—most in the swamps of Washington, Virginia, and nearby Maryland, which routinely votes  Democratic.

Bill Stonebarger, Owner/President, Hawkhill

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