Consultants, Journalists, and Clergy

Oct. 2, 2017

Some readers take offense when I write about the “clergy.” I use that term deliberately to connect the secular religion that is currently popular—left-liberal Socialism—with dominant religions of the past like Christianity and Islam. The modern clergy do not wear special garb but they do set the tone for modern states in the Western World.

If you doubt this, a quick look at currently popular TV shows and the ads that support them will convince you. If you choose to get your News or streaming from the Internet or newspapers this clergy is still dominant. Rare is the journalist who doubts the wisdom of politically correct values. (This does not apply to President Trump and some Fox News fans.)

Among these Politically Correct faiths are that:  the government is and should responsible for nearly everything from the economy to the climate; radical equality is the major order of the day. Not merely equality under the law, but equality of talent and wealth is a not a privilege but a right; the government should seek to control and maximize people’s health, wealth, welfare, environment, and above all do something to control the climate; charity welfare programs, consultants, and bureaucrats are needed to do this; prejudging any group (perhaps excluding majority whites) is a major no-no, no matter how destructive, ignorant, violent, or incapable is the individual minority member.

A democratic egalitarian government should add more welfare programs to help minorities, even if they end up counterproductive; personal sob stories and street protests are the most effective tools the clergy uses to advance their agenda and to encourage immigrants from anywhere; last but not least, the clergy heaps scorn on the belief that our culture (Western Civilization) is the best, or that it is in any way exceptional!

The government and the press should also be concerned about relatively minor things like: football players not respecting the flag; college students raping girls or not paying back loans; activists destroying monuments they don’t like; union people paying for their own health insurance; LGBTQ bias; professors not allowing right-wingers a voice; bureaucrats leaking top secrets; journalists making up fake news; governments, businesses, and schools hiring consultants to cure the incurable; and above all encouraging diversity in the workplace, education, government, advertising, and entertainment.

The only thing the government must never do is use the military to fight wars to defend our freedoms: to do or not do any PC or non-PC action.

I do confess I too believe some of these PC values. I too think the government is important and is right to be concerned with the “common welfare.” I too am against wars and prejudice and for diversity, with some minor exceptions.

I do think the government can go too far in its lust for giveaways, useless or harmful programs that curb freedom, and make dependents (sometimes violence-prone looters and drug criminals) out of many otherwise decent and potentially productive citizens. I think the government can do more to encourage families by tax laws and discourage children out of wedlock.

Take the current flap over football players kneeling for the flag and anthem. Personally, I agree with our President that they should be fired but I don’t agree that the government or the president should do anything about it. If fans agree with Trump (and I suspect most football fans will) the crowds will slowly fade, the advertisers will reduce their support, the TV revenues will crash, and the athletes (and the sport of football) will suffer. Things will change!

If college students are really raping girls and not paying back loans they should promptly be arrested and have to face a jury. Likewise people destroying public monuments should also be arrested and have to face a jury. If private companies, government employees, or schools commit bribery or corruption they too should be punished. As for most consultants, journalists, and bureaucrats, don’t hire them in the first place and things will still change!

Journalists making up fake stories should be fired, and soon. So should government employees who leak information. So should athletes, actors, musicians, and comedians who make millions entertaining us be fired. Free speech has never been absolute and doesn’t protect the jerk who cries “fire” in a crowded theater. They are crying “fire” in our way of life.

I make an exception for health care. The liberal Democrats have a point and single-payer is probably inevitable. I’m just not sure it’s going to be any better than the free market we have all lived with for centuries. In the short run, socialist health systems seem to work fairly well in European cultures. But in the long run, they may not work well in populations as diverse as the US.

Remember Bill’s Law #2: Political bad ideas have a half-life of a century or so. Egalitarian socialism is a politically bad idea. It has dramatically failed in diverse large countries like Russia, China, and India, even in small states like Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea.

As to climate, leftist greens are whistling in Dixie if they imagine anything the government can do will make a difference. If we were to go back to a medieval agricultural lifestyle and drastically lower our standard of living (as well as take years off our average lifespans) as Pope Francis and some Greens actually urge, that might help. But all the subsidies and rosy impossible dreams for renewable energy as well as all the worst clergy journalists can say about fossil fuels won’t make a lick of difference to Mother Nature or lower by a single dollar all the hurricane, tornado, and major storm damage.

As for all the consultants, journalists, lobbyists, and bureaucrats hired (at large salaries) to make a difference in diversity this will indeed raise our taxes, lower everyone’s living standards but not make a sliver of difference in education, housing, policing, and effective government.

The long and short of it is–despite their interest in being progressive, I think the left-liberal clergy is really out to destroy Western Civilization and the Modern Age that the USA launched a little over 200 years ago.

This is, without doubt, the most serious complaint I have against the clergy—where I was once a humble deacon.

Bill Stonebarger, Owner/President Hawkhill

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