Diversity, Equality, and Bell Curves

July 17, 2017

Warning: this blog is short and not sweet.

I wrote in my last blog, “equality has two faces. Our Declaration of Independence promised one—equal treatment under the law. Equality is good in that sense and necessary for profits and progress, but when the government mandates equality of talent, income, and wealth, as it does in Cuba, it is bad, bad for all.”

Diversity is a popular substitute for equality today. It also has two faces. Adam Smith, the godfather of capitalism, said we had to have three things for nations to get rich—free trade, private property, and diversity of talent. That is one face of diversity—the good one.

There is a bad face too. When this diversity side faces left today it means suppression of ideas and inefficient work: support for shouting down, and if necessary using violence, to silence libertarian and conservative speakers and professors at major colleges; leaders and followers in Citizens United, immigration, and anti-Trump protests; quotas in education (whether called that or not); “Black Lives Matter” protests; fake news and biased media stories; celebrity insults; biased stories on police and law enforcement crimes; gun restrictions; fierce opposition to vouchers in education by teachers unions and leftist media; affirmative action in employment, education, government, along with patronizing and pandering ads of non-profit and large corporation on TV and in print.

In other words the clergy, and the public they control, are committed in the US and Europe to equality (and diversity) in talent and numbers despite of the solid evidence that bell curves fairly, accurately, and clearly describe the very real differences in talents in all living things, groups, and subgroups of living things, which certainly includes human beings.

Only in sports is this science not followed. No one expects the NBA (or major colleges) to rigidly enforce affirmative action to get more white players on their basketball or other sports teams. Teams that did this might lose games!

Whether the bell curve differences are due to genetics or environment is not relevant. Differences do exist. Differences do show that blacks are dominant in basketball, track, and many other sports (as a 1992 movie put it, “White Men Can’t Jump”). I am sad and reluctant to point out, it also shows that lower-class blacks are likely to be on welfare and knee-deep into violence and poverty. (In so far as the environment is involved [and it is] we should not reinforce this bad version with bad programs—i.e., charitable aid to dependent families that ignores males and damning of police who are doing their best to pacify violent inner cities.)

Even more important, if we assume differences are all due to environment as the clergy (see Bill’s Blogs, pp. 74, 78 & 103) seems to believe, we are still faced with serious problems of inefficient work and its effect on individual and national wealth.

Nearly everyone today (mostly due to the Politically Correct media and advertisements) expects schools, businesses, employers, the courts, and the government to do so. And when they do effectively follow that advice—profits, wages for all, freedom, and pretty much all economic progress—suffers. Donald Trump for one suggests a different approach and is viciously attacked.

Obama and his wife Michelle, as well as many other very successful blacks, are the exceptions that prove the rule. The cry for affirmative action and diversity have no doubt helped capable blacks on the upper ends of bell curves. But the majority on the low ends of the bell curves for talents and has suffered in inner city slums.

As I wrote before, we should not, in any case, reinforce the tendencies for violence and poverty in this majority class. I humbly suggest that a wholesale expansion of social security (Guaranteed minimum income) might help (after all we all are handicapped in some way, shape, or form!) Intresting enough this possibility is now getting some news shows coverage so it may not such a long shot!

Bill Stonebarger, Owner/President (and sole employee), Hawkhill

P. S. For the minority who want to know more details on my journey through the ideas swamp from devout Catholic to left-liberal clergy to conservative libertarian, I seriously suggest you buy, curl up on the couch, and slowly read any one of my three recent books—Twilight or Dawn? A Traveler’s Guide to Free-Market Liberal Democracy, East Gilman Street, or Bill’s Blogs.

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