Anti-Trump Hysteria

June 26, 2017

“Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,”—Sentiments of singer Madonna.

Comedian Kathy Griffin went further and held up a bloody head (fake) of President Trump on a CNN TV Special. (CNN fired her and she apologized. I note her video apology got half as many viewers as the original insult!)

“The catcher for the Republican congressional baseball team — watched his colleague Steve Scalise, the House majority whip, get shot on a practice baseball field in Virginia, while other lawmakers and aides scrambled for cover.”—News clip from Arlington, Virginia.

Johnny Depp asked jokingly, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” And then sure enough in NYC a modern dress version of Shakespeare has Trump knifed to death as a thinly disguised Caesar!This modern Clergy seem to have a knack for violence.

On top of that leftist pundit Leonard Pitts, Jr. writes in high-fog prose, “The bottom line is that a president of unprecedented incompetence is being enabled by a Congress of criminal complicity in an agenda of frightful destructiveness.”

Locally the city council president hurled “the cruelest cut of all” at our liberal mayor, “He was Trump-like!”

Trump is far from incompetent. He has made considerable money in his lifetime and he did win the presidency. Not small feats for an incompetent. I think Trump is also doing a decent job as president despite his harsh critics. He has a progressive agenda—putting America back to work by reducing the Green and social welfare roadblocks that brought unemployment and poverty to taxpaying workers.

I think the charge of too much friendship with Russians and Chinese is downright laughable. In my lifetime the left-liberal clergy has been only too cozy with Stalin (Uncle Joe as FDR called him), Lenin, Mao, Castro, and other socialist heroes. One of the clergy’s stars in the 1920s, the NY Times Lincoln Steffens, said of the Soviet Union, “I have seen the future and it works.” So now the NY Times and clergy are accusing Trump of being too cozy with Russia and China after both have given up on socialism!. Give me a break!

I think it all began in the 1960s with Vietnam, the Black Panthers, Weathermen, assassinations of King and the Kennedys, the anti-LBJ and anti-Nixon riots and protests. The mass of what I call now the left-wing clergy were in college then and bitterly resented Vietnam. “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids have you killed today?” was one of the milder insults thrown at the establishment!

The protestors are now the establishment (what I call the clergy, see Bill’s Blogs, pp. 74, 78, 103). The journalists all want to be the next Woodward/Bernstein team to bring down a president.

Journalists and editors (and their young apprentices) are now making the high pay decisions for the NY Times, the Washington Post, the AP, and most newspapers, syndicates, magazines, TV networks, and publishers. Combined with most college professors and intellectuals, most artists and writers, most musicians and actors, most government bureaucrats an leakers, most public school teachers, most health professionals, most street activists, most social workers, most minorities, most immigrants legal and illegal, most celebrities, and most people dependent on government benefits (close to a majority today)—this modern clergy comes close to a majority). Yet somehow Donald Trump won the Presidency! How did he manage that?

He got the votes of the majority paying the bills—the taxpaying rich and taxpaying workers. (I’m aware that Hilary got a majority of the popular vote. The Democrats are firmly in control of the big cities and states where they can count on the overwhelming support of non-workers and the plentiful—and relatively rich—clergy.)

Take Noam Chomsky as an example. He is a well-paid Harvard professor and guru of intellectual Progressive/Greens. He is famous for extreme views. He says that the US is the world’s worst terrorist and he claims the US is always wrong.

Chomsky holds that WW2 left the US the world’s leader in nuclear arms and filthy rich corporations. He thinks the present regime wants to warm our planet, which will lead to the annihilation of most large animals like Homo sapiens. He thinks Donald Trump is the worst possible president (Chomsky thinks alternatives [except Bernie Sanders?] would be bad too.) No wonder the Democratic socialists—and some Republicans—follow Chomsky even though many do not recognize his name.

I don’t agree with him.

I think he and most of his Progressive/Green followers have a distorted view of history. They blindly accept the reactionary Agricultural Age meme that wealth is measured in land and resources (some would add diversity). Chomsky claims, “US corporations own 60% of the world’s wealth.” If that is true, how come China and India, the two largest countries and actually all countries on earth are able to get richer and poverty everywhere is declining? How come Japan, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Switzerland that have few natural resources and little diversity are so rich? Conversely, many countries in Africa and Asia have plentiful resources and much diversity are so poor?

Wealth in the Modern Age is not measured in land, resources, or diversity, but is dependent on efficiency and creativity, the very two things that Trump promised to favor.

Second of all Chomsky and the clergy accept at face value the views of many scientists that the planet is warming and that is certain to bring catastrophe. They also accept the views of leftist scientists like Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan that a nuclear war could wipe out the human species.

History matters—again. The Reformation’s Thirty Years War did wipe out a third of the cities and population of northern Germany. They recovered and the species survived. The Black Plague wiped out a third of the entire population of Medieval Europe and left it with a severe shortage of agricultural workers. This in turn led to the growth of science and technology in the Modern Age!

Mind you I’m not suggesting nuclear war or a return of the Plague would be good ideas! Nor am I suggesting we ignore the possible warming of the planet.

I am suggesting Chomsky and the clergy are prone to a great deal of exaggeration. They are also prone to a great deal of violence. Which is a big deal!

Bill Stonebarger, Owner/President

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